About me

Who is Jonathan Guerrero? That would be a long story to tell for another time. Nah I'm pretty sure you have time to listen. 
Allow me to introduce myself  before I tell you about my adventures. Like most artist I came from a great school known as Otis College. I trained to become a 3D modeler and graduated in 2016. For the time being  searching for the right opportunity  was my first objective or doing other projects that call to my attention.  I decided to also become a character artist and  continue to seek new challenges to find new things to create. Besides being a monster creator making lovable and relate-able characters in stories is my passion. 
Dragons and Fantasy like chracters
During the beginning I worked in the field of guest services in a museum in Los Angeles. It was like a roller coaster as people said. After seeking the knowledge from my previous adventure it was time I officially began my first art job. Was it easy? Nope.
I came across interesting people  who I call my confidants. One of them is a person who is very passionate animal lover and does funny podcasts. Some  are other artists who are  like me and taught me new things in my field that I didn't know I had. Even took temp. training at Fullerton college.
One day I came across the museums Exhibit Development Department. I approached one of the curators and insisted to show my work to them to see what new possibilities opened up and how I can help them. Sure enough they were fascinated by my work. I became a professional 3D modeler for the Exhibit Dev. Team it was the best day of my life.
For two years we've been creating new ideas to inspire audiences around the world,  communicate ideas with donners using my 3D software to show how their artifacts will be displayed , and create presentation packages ready to be shown to partnered  engineering/architecture companies.
Sadly like any great television show all chapters come to an end but also new beginnings. I explored more video games and movies for new ideas. I created new characters known as the Warriors of Light as my long going project and opened up commissions on Deviant Art and Instagram.  
With this new knowledge and skills I have obtained from the great people I have worked with in Exhibits  I am back on the road improving my skills as a 3D modeler and character artist seeking the next mission that awaits me. 

Some say I have vanished while some say they received a calling card.  For this is the story that will never end. The journey to continue improving and working to become the very best. 
New missions will arise and new adventures will begin and when they do I'll be ready! 

Until then I bid you farewell and hopefully see you soon!